Cutting Edge Development, Inc.
General Contractors
Hawaii License BC-27142
California License BC-913723

For over two decades, the Cutting Edge Development team has built and renovated custom homes both in Hawaii and California.

CED is composed of a core group of employees, plus “tried and true” associates handpicked by owner Lars Wernars specifically tailored for each job.

The award-winning company has accrued local accolades as well as national recognition for their conscientious construction and quality workmanship.

Cutting Edge Development is fully licensed, insured and bonded.

Cutting Edge Development


Quality Without Compromise — Our Philosophy


We are island people. Maui is our place of business, and most importantly, our home. Like many visitors and residents, we treasure Maui’s pristine beauty and rich culture. The physical spaces we help create honor the tranquility and simplicity of island living.

When we build, we think long term. Durability is important because for many of us, our island homes are an investment in our future. Timeless design, thoughtful material selection and construction integrity make for heirloom homes. For us it’s “quality without compromise.”

We take a lot of pride in our work”, says Lars Wernars, CED owner.If a subcontractor does not share the same attitude and goal—to showcase their best work on every project—they will not be working with our clients. We as a company look to consistently exceed expectations, not just meet them.

For Wernars and his employees, hands-on involvement is part of the job. Every team member pitches in, working alongside sub-contractors toward completion.

Regardless of the size, scope or budget of a project, CED’s focus remains the same: to provide our clients with premium quality and craftsmanship. Through continuing education and certification programs, we maintain our edge on the latest technology, products, sustainability and proven design.

Cutting Edge Development